Q4 2023

MARS Announced
(In Development)

Q1 2024
Q2 2024

MARS Early Access

(Beta Launch)

Q3 2024
Q4 2024

MARS Full Launch

Project MARS is a multi application training system. Development is well under way. When MARS Beta Launches in Q2 of 2024, an early "Founding Fathers" sale will be offered giving steep discounts for any early adopters who are willing to test the training platform. Stay tuned to our channel partner, for additional details and announcements. 

MARS Live Range Simulator

Project MARS utilizes a projector to project a virtual shooting range environment on your wall. It includes multiple training scenarios, dryfire drills, and customizable range environments to meet your training needs.

MARS Mobile

Using the latest in Augmented Reality technology, MARS Mobile includes training tools that you can bring with you on the go. 

Utilizes Live Real World Targets

Perfect for training while Traveling

Great for testing real world concepts

Innovative Training Plans

Made for All Responsible Gun Owners

While our roots are in competitive shooting sports, MARS is practical for anyone looking to improve their firearms proficiency and safety. From beginner to professional, hobbyist to competitor, MARS has something for you.


Targeted Training Plans

Recommended training plans available to build specific skills tailored to help improve your marksmanship skills.

For All Skill Levels

Plans are split by skill level to help you build and improve on your existing skills.

Transparent, Affordable, Pricing

Payment Plans


Available as a simple monthly subscription. There are no contracts, cancel any time.

⊕ Full Access to ALL MARS Training Apps

All proceeds put toward development of new Features and MARS Training Applications

$9.99 / Month


Paid once annually, save 25%.

⊕ Full Access to ALL MARS Training Apps

Annual plans help us build capital up front to scale and add features more quickly. 


$89 Annually

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Currently we're partnered with for all product announcements but eventually we will be launching a new separate YouTube channel for this project. Stay tuned.